Dear Reader

This blog is inspired by my mother Florence, who will soon be 105 years old.

Florence is remarkably resilient. In her later years she has gone from strength to strength. But, relatively recently she has become physically quite frail, forgetful, often confused and cranky. Repetition is a constant part of all communication with her which occurs alongside frequent naps. She still laughs though less often. She eats well and rarely refuses the offer of a whisky. She is helped enormously by the wonderful people around her.

I decided that a way to help ‘me’ survive and perhaps enjoy more of both her and my later years, was to tell some stories about Florence’s life and times.

I want as well to broaden this out and to explore different ways other people have of ‘staying alive’ and hanging on in there, though perhaps not always to 105.

I hope you will join me and enjoy reading some of these stories, which I will try and post at least every two weeks.

Thank you

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